Think of Banx as a bank account for airline unused tickets, credit and vouchers. When your travelers are booking, exchanging and canceling flights throughout the year, how do you keep track of those unused tickets and expiration dates?

Goodbye Excel, Hello Banx

Airline Unused Tickets and Credits All In One Place

Unused Tickets

In the US, if a traveler doesn’t make a flight, the ticket can be used at a later date, and maybe by someone else. But these tickets expire, and the rules differ by airline.

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Award Certificates

Airlines have business loyalty programs so companies earn points and award certificates, which your travelers can then redeem for flights. These can be stored in Banx.

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Credit and Vouchers

Your business may receive points or dollar amounts to be used for name changes, upgrades, etc. Guess what, these can also be stored in Banx too.

your banx account benefits

When your company is booking thousands of flights a year, you need a tool and support to track of unused tickets and varying expiration dates.


Average savings on 4% of what companies spend on air travel

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What is available, been used and is about to expire

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Fraud Prevention

See who used a ticket, credit or voucher, and for what.

Expert Support

We do it all for you = more time for you.

What else does Banx do?

  • Displays what is available for advisors and travelers to use.
  • Customized to how you want them to be used.
  • Configured to airline rules and deadlines
  • Airline contracts/deals written in
  • Alerts travelers to check in
  • Additional audits and support
1 %

of companies’ airline volume is in banx savings

1 %

of companies’ tickets are stored in Banx

100 %

increase in tickets stored since covid-19

1 %

of companies’ Air volume is in banx savings

1 %

of companies’ tickets are stored in Banx

100 %

INCREASE in tickets stored since covid-19

Joel Bailey,
Senior Vice President, Customer Solutions

Banx and COVID-19

“We are managing the tickets to ensure wastage stays minimal for our customers.”

Joel Bailey, Senior Vice President, Customer Solutions explains how Banx has been valuable during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Get the Most Out of Unused Tickets

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