A Look Back with Millie Hansen

April 17, 2014 |

Travel and Transport employee-owners recently had the opportunity to spend some time with Millie Hansen, wife of our 2nd President, Mal Hansen.

Mal and Millie are remembered at Travel and Transport today for many things. They always wanted to make sure they were engaged with the employees so every year they would travel to each of the company’s offices that Travel and Transport was located at the time and spend the day with the employees. They visited over 120 countries during Mal’s time with Travel and Transport and thoroughly loved to travel together. Mal was one of the first travel professionals in the industry and was a leader who wanted to see continuous growth in an ever-changing industry. He created a company culture based on the principal that  “if you always take care of the customer and your employees, all else would take care of itself.” This is Travel and Transport’s guiding principal still today.

Millie will celebrate her 97th birthday in November and today she continues to live life to the fullest. She currently lives on the 6th floor of an assisted living residence and refuses to take the elevator. Walking is a passion of hers and each day she walks a mile and half. She has just recently retired from the game of golf but for many years it was a favorite pastime for her. One morning a week Millie reads books for the blind on a local radio station, she works one day a week as a receptionist at a local doctors office and even models eyeglasses at an optometrist’s office. Millie still enjoys traveling and takes part in different activities and tours that are offered through her retirement center. She also loves to spend time with her daughter who resides in Omaha as well as her granddaughters and great grandchildren.

Millie is a strong advocate for Travel and Transport and keeps all newspaper articles about the company that she sees in the Omaha papers. She recently provided our leadership team with memorabilia that her late husband Mal had that she thought would be something special to have in our archives. It certainly was wonderful looking back as some fantastic memories of Travel and Transport’s founding.

We thank Millie for her true love of Travel and Transport. Her passion for life is something we can all only hope to achieve.