Airline startup La Compagnie gives a new look to business class

June 20, 2014 |

A new carrier is revolutionizing business travel between New York City and Paris looks with a new route. According to Skift, La Compagnie is expected to launch in July and offer four to five weekly flights between Newark International and Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Flights will take place on a redesigned Boeing 757-200. The jet features 74 lay-flat seats using a 2×2 configuration in a single-aisle cabin. Skift reported that another Boeing will joint the carrier’s fleet in December.

In-flight amenities will be above and beyond what many experience on most long-haul business flights. According to the source, each passenger will receive free in-flight Wi-Fi, amenity kits, Samsung tablets filled with entertainment and meals created by Michelin-starred chef Christophe Langree.

There will be two pilots and three attendants on each flight, all of whom are fluent in international languages and approved by the French Civil Aviation Authority.

Prices for tickets will start around $1,600 and go as high as $4,600 for premium service. Passengers will be permitted to buy tickets after the U.S. Department of Transportation and Federal Aviation Administration approve the route.

Frantz Yvelin and former Jet Airways COO Peter Luethi are the duo behind the new airline. The two told Skift they created the airline in order to meet demand in the marketplaces as well as the needs of business travelers.

“Those who fly business class look for service at a reasonable, affordable price, especially after a long period of consolidation in the aviation industry and the skyrocketing airfares that are offered,” Luethi told Skift.

La Compagnie will see some competition from Frantz’s previous startup, L’Avion, which he sold to British Airways after launching in 2006. According to Skift, fares for what’s now called OpenSkies also operates flights between New York and Paris with tickets starting at $1,120.