British Airways’ Happiness Blanket

July 18, 2014 |

When leaving for business travel, a long-haul flight isn’t always the most thrilling part of the trip. Some attempt to sleep in seemingly uncomfortable seats and the temperature in an airplane isn’t always warm enough to prevent chills.

In order to provide passengers with a good night’s rest on flights, British Airways developed its “Happiness Blanket,” and began testing it in early July. According to Travel + Leisure, volunteers on Flight 189 from London Heathrow to New York were able to test the new blankets during the night.

The source reported that the blanket it a hi-tech throw that’s woven with neurosensors and fiber optics that help to monitor the relaxation patterns of travelers.

The blankets also change color to reflect passengers’ varying levels of brainwave activity.

According to the airline, if a passenger using it is tense, the blanket will be red. However, as that traveler begins to slowly relax, the color of the blanket changes to blue.

In addition to the Happiness Blanket, British Airways worked to improve neck and back support so that passengers can more easily relax on long-haul flights. There’s also lighting that works to simulate night and day to help with jet lag while also allowing for a better night’s sleep.