Domestic flights with Wi-Fi

June 16, 2014 |

Professionals on business travel often need access to emails and the Internet to stay in contact with companies and clients while on the go. Thankfully, there are several U.S. carriers that offer Wi-Fi to travelers on domestic flights.

Virgin America offers Wi-Fi on all planes, which means there are 173 daily flights that allow passengers to connect to the Internet. Costs for access range from $2 for 30 minutes to as much as $40 for a monthly pass.

There are 3,443 daily flights with Delta Air Lines that have Wi-Fi that cost $2 for 30 minutes on shorter routes and up to $470 for a year of unlimited access.

According to Bloomberg, 75 percent of Southwest Airlines’ fleet has Wi-Fi that costs $8 a day, including for those who have connecting flights.

There are only a few JetBlue flights that offer Wi-Fi for travelers; however, there is enough bandwidth on them to stream movies and download files, including business presentations and other documents. Internet on JetBlue planes costs $9 for one hour.

Nearly one-third of United Airlines planes, including all of those that fly between JFK International Airport and Los Angeles International Airport or San Francisco International Airport, offer Wi-Fi to travelers. The cost to use United’s Wi-Fi ranges from $4 to $30 per flight segment.

Approximately 90 percent of American Airlines’ fleet offers Wi-Fi to passengers. It costs $16 a day to use.

JetBlue Fly-Fi
​JetBlue’s Fly-Fi Internet is being installed on the carrier’s fleet in order to be accessible to as many passengers as possible in the upcoming months. The airline also has its basic web browsing plan, Simply Surf, that is free on flights through June.

JetBlue also offers free Wi-Fi at Terminal 5 at New York City’s JFK International Airport as well as at Los Angeles International Airport.