Etihad Airways offers three-room suite

May 21, 2014 |

Passengers traveling with Etihad Airways will now have the option of a three-room suite onboard the carrier’s new Airbus A380 superjumbo jets. According to Bloomberg, the 125-square-foot “apartment” is called The Residence and costs approximately $43,000 for some flights.

A suite is priced for two travelers and comes with a butler, chef and shower, taking luxury and business travel to a new level. The source reported the new suites are expected to be available beginning in late December when the first of 10 Airbus A380 jets begins routes from the United Arab Emirates to London.

Airlines have long been trying to attract premium travelers and as a result have adding exclusive amenities such as gourmet cuisine, double beds, cocktail bars and showers. In addition to these amenities, some carriers also provide chauffeur services that transport  passengers from their homes to the airport. The source reported that some airlines even take passengers via car from one flight to another so they can avoid the crowds within airports.

According to the source, other carriers providing travelers with luxury experiences include Singapore Airlines, Emirates Airlines, British Airways and Qantas Airways.