Google Now Cards display offline

May 9, 2014 |

Professionals on business travel will now be able to access Google Now Cards offline. According to Engadget, Google Card users will no longer risk losing information while they do not have cell phone service or are in a dead zone, such as a subway tunnel. Previously, the service would be unusable without an internet connection.

Google Now is an intelligent personal assistance system developed by Google that allows you to receive information such as weather, maps and appointments while completing other tasks on your smartphone. Find out more about Google Now here.

When you have Google Now enabled, you’ll be able to see the latest cards even if you lose internet connection and there will also be a note at the top letting you know how long since the cards were last updated. Information such as  currency conversions, an address to a destination, reminders and articles users are reading can be seen without an internet connection, Ubergizmo reported.

Google Docs, Sheets and Slides can also go offline, making it easier to access data in Google Drive. Those who want to open Google Drive will need to install the new Doc and Spreadsheet apps from the Google Play Store in order to made edits to open documents.

The offline accessibility is only available to Android users and the latest Google Search must be installed on devices.