June sees rise in hotel bookings

August 12, 2014 |

The number of hotel bookings through global distribution systems increased in June across the globe. According to Pegasus Solutions, the average daily rate for hotel rooms booked through these systems increased in April, May and June 2014.

The report by Pegasus Solutions found that individuals who booked rooms for leisure travel increased by 10 percent in June while the rate growth rose by more than 6 percent during the same month, making it the highest year-over-year growth for both leisure measures in the past year. Bookings for business travel also reported an increase of 1.4 percent in reservations and a growth rate of 4.2 percent in June.

Average daily rates through global distribution systems rose by 4.2 percent across the globe and corporate bookings increased by 1.4 percent worldwide.

The rise in GDS bookings was attributed to an increase in client and company meetings, conferences and conventions, according to the report. In addition to business travel, tourism is on the rise worldwide as travelers are taking more trips both domestically and internationally.

Business travel bookings in North America increased by 7.7 percent in June and lead to a 5.6 percent gain in revenue for hotels, Pegasus Solutions reported.

Leisure travel is expected to lead to an increase in bookings during August and September as more people look to later vacations. The Global Business Travel Association expects business travel to remain strong through the end of 2014 as travelers are expected to spend more than $290 billion.