Must-know trends about millennial travelers

June 30, 2014 |

A new generation is making its way into the adult world and as this rising wave of consumers begin to set their own expectations, behaviors and preferences, it’s up to travel managers to stay informed on their travel trends and what they want.

A recent study by Amadeus found that the next generation of travelers are more informed, adventurous and social than those of the past. When they want to go on vacation getaways, they’re looking for something that will give them an experience that’s one-of-a-kind.

When travel agents can understand the similarities and differences between consumer groups, they can provide the ultimate experience for each individual.

“Understanding trendsetters and top travelers of the future is fundamental for us to continue to innovate and develop tools and technologies that satisfy consumers’ changing needs,” Scott Alvis, chief marketing officer of Amadeus North America said in a statement. “Our NextGen research illuminates the unique characteristics of this up-and-coming group and showcases the need and opportunity for the travel industry to adapt. Technologies that enable customization, social engagement and on-the-go access through mobile devices will certainly be key.”

Trends of millennial travelers

  • Millennials preferred to be referred to as explorers rather than tourists. They’re more interested in getting to know the world around them and seeking out adventure. Although they’ll still seek out the most well-known sites within a city, the way they get there will likely be much different than generations past.
  • Rather than a strict itinerary, this new generation of travelers wants customized options. It’s about a personalized experience that will take them to a different world than what’s been seen in the past. They’re more likely to go on unique excursions and international destinations. Millennials are more informed about their intended destinations and have already done research on where they’re going that they’ll know what they want to see. From there, it’s up to the travel agents to provide millennials with these more customized items such as airfare and accommodations.
  • Unlike any other generation, millennials know their technology. Social media is the main way through which they communicate and share their experiences with friends and family. Technology provides a sense of power as they’re able to access information any time they want, so they can search for the best hotel in the area to find prices, reviews and tips. This generation wants the whole package – speed, convenience, value and security.