No major tarmac delays reported in June

August 12, 2014 |

When a flight is delayed on the runway for more than three hours, that information must be reported to the Department of Transportation. During the month of June, there were no domestic flights that experienced tarmac delays greater than three hours, the government agency stated.

However, fewer U.S. flights were on time during the month of June. Cancellations were at their highest levels since 2000 and late flights at peak levels since 2008. Although it seems like the cancellation rate appears to be high, carriers reportedly on canceled 2 percent of scheduled domestic flights in June compared to 1.8 percent in May.

The Department of Transportation said that 71.8 percent of domestic flights were on time, slightly down from the 71.9 percent on-time rate for the same time last year. The reasons for flight delays included late-arriving aircraft and maintenance or crew issues. A small percentage of delays were due to extreme weather and security issues.

Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines and Virgin America reported the highest on-time arrival rates with 95.3, 86 and 81.6 percent, respectively.

Delta Air Lines had the lowest number of canceled flights with 15. Hawaiian Airlines and Frontier Airlines each canceled 0.1 percent of their flights.