Proposed rule would require airlines to disclose additional fees

May 29, 2014 |

A new rule proposed by the Department of Transportation would require greater transparency from airlines when it comes to additional fees.

According to Reuters, if the new rule is implemented, airlines will be required to disclose fees to checked baggage, carry-on items and other services in order for travelers to know the full cost of a ticket when making airfare purchases.

The Department of Transportation proposed the new rule in order to protect consumers and make calculating costs easier for those going on vacation getaways or business travel.

“Knowledge is power, and our latest proposal helps ensure consumers have clear and accurate information when choosing among air-transportation options,” Transportation Secretary Anthony Foxx said in a statement to USA Today.

Two other rules were issued by the Department of Transportation to protect consumers. USA Today reported that the other regulations include increased penalties for extended tarmac delays as well as a requirement for airlines to list all fares, including taxes, in their ads.

According to USA Today, the proposals may cost airlines as much as $5.1 million to adopt in the first year and $24.7 million for the following 10 years.

Under the proposal, airlines would also be required to report to the Department of Transportation the number of late flights, how many times too many tickets are booked for a flight and the number of lost bags.

USA Today reported that additional requirements associated with the new rule would require large-volume travel agents to adopt minimum customer service standards, require airlines and ticket agents to disclose the airlines providing flights and prohibit travel agents from ranking flights.

It will likely be months before the rules are implemented and they may be changed following the collection of public comments for 90 days.