Reimagining Valet Parking: A look at Luxe and Zirx

June 15, 2015 |

Car sharing services such as Zipcar and Enterprise CarShare are growing in popularity. Are they useful for business travel?It seems that mobile technology is enabling new and innovative services for just about everything. Need a ride? You could look past a taxi or black car and use your smartphone to summon an Uber or Lyft driver. Maybe you prefer to drive but only for a short time or in a small localized area. Well there are car sharing services like Enterprise CarShare and Zipcar that have cars in neighborhoods throughout many cities. Just book it, walk to it, get in and go. We told you about the positives and negatives of these and other services earlier this year.

If you’ve rented a car or if you have business travel plans that will require use of your personal car, chance are you’ll have to find somewhere to park it. The internet has come to the rescue again. Luxe is among the first in a new category of valet services that will meet you – virtually anywhere within their coverage area. You can summon them with an app just like you would call an Uber. A driver dressed in blue will arrive. They’ll get in your car and take it to one of their secure lots while you’re in your meeting or at dinner. You can even leave it overnight for an extra fee. When you’re ready to pick it up, simply summon them with the app and they’ll take it to wherever you’re at. Did you move to a different location? They’ll drop it off there.

Luxe has opened in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, and Seattle – all cities that can be difficult and expensive to park in. They’re not alone. A service called Zirx offers similar services in San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, Washington DC and Brooklyn. Others are entering the market as well.

Their advertised prices are competitive with or lower than most traditional parking lots and valets in large cities. They’ll even fuel your car, get your oil changed, check your tires or wash it for you if you request them to (for extra fees, of course).

Would you really want to leave your car with a stranger who will drive it off? That’s what valets do and most people are ok with that. Luxe is simply a valet for wherever you are. Luxe advertises a $1 million general liability insurance coverage. Zirx advertises $2 million coverage, covering the vehicle and the driver. In addition, their websites talk about the thorough screening process that drivers submit to before they’re allowed to get in your vehicle and drive off with it. As with any of these services, it’s best to do your own research ahead of time so that you’re comfortable with the company’s security and liability policies. It’s also a smart idea to take any valuables with you or leave them in a secure location. Don’t leave them in the car!

Have you used Luxe or Zirx? I’d love to get your review of the service. It sounds great in theory. What’s it like in reality? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter @TandTNews.