Swiss International Air Lines goes allergy-free

June 12, 2014 |

Swiss International Air Lines announced it is now the first certified allergy-free carrier. The European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation gave Swiss the seal of approval. Swiss is the first airline in the world to be given approval by ECARF.

The airline said that those who fly with Swiss can rest easy knowing that all measures have been taken to combat the presence of allergens in the fleet’s cabin. Allergens in the cabin and lounge have been minimized, including areas with upholstered furniture, air conditioning and food.

Travelers on a long-haul flight or in Swiss Business on a European flight have the option of booking a special meal. Those out on business travel with Swiss have access to lactose-free and gluten-free products and alternative snacks. The carrier said its cabin crew members are also trained to assist passengers who may be having an allergic emergency and can distribute histamine tablets if necessary.

Swiss’s high-efficiency air conditioning system works to filter pollens from the outdoors and even animal hair from pets onboard the carrier’s planes. Swiss ensures that no fragrances are used in order to avoid irritating respiratory tracts. Bathrooms on the planes also have hypoallergenic soap for individuals with sensitive skin.