Tampa Convention Center set to receive upgrades

July 24, 2014 |

The Tampa Convention Center is getting a makeover nearly 25 years after it opened. According to The Tampa Tribune, the city council approved the first phase of a project that is expected to cost more than $14.6 million.

Two of the waterfront center's 10 escalators will be replaced. The source stated that when the first installment is complete, another project will being to replace two more escalators.

Then, the city will replace the remaining escalators, two elevators, remodel the bathrooms, upgrade utilities at the facility's boat docks, replace doors and add an electronic key card system through 2018, The Tampa Tribune reported.

Renovations will help to give the facility a more modern facelift as it fights to compete with other cities such as Miami, Orlando, Atlanta and Nashville for convention business.

"As new centers are built or remodeled around the country it's critical for us to refresh what we have to offer," Santiago Corrada, head of Visit Tampa Bay, told the source.

Tampa makeovers
The city has also spent money on upgrading Tampa International Airport. According to the source, the hub received a $20 million renovation in 2012 when video screens, Wi-Fi and upgraded bathrooms were installed.

Tampa is a desirable location for business travel, so the City Council felt it was necessary to spend the money on upgrading its facilities that are most used by those visiting the city on business.