The latest air travel reports – who was on time the most?

April 14, 2015 |

the-a320neo-took-its-first-flight-on-sept-25_1408_672236_0_14103451_500The U.S. Department of Transportation released its monthly Air Travel Consumer Reports. We’ve read through it so you don’t have to! The following are some of the highlights released in the report, which compiled statistics for February of 2015:

  •  Alaska Airlines and Hawaiian Airlines had the best on time rates for flights at 85.1% and 82.25 respectively. The highest ranked larger airline was Delta Air Lines with 78%, good enough to place them third in the rankings.
  •  Virgin America, Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines and United had the smallest percentage of late flights. The top three had no flights in February that met that criteria, and United had only one.
  •  Hawaiian Airlines, Alaska Airlines, and Frontier had the smallest percentage of operations cancelled in February.
  •  In February 72.81% of flights were on time. The most common cause of flight delays was the late arrival of another aircraft. This counted for 7.76% of all delays.
  •  Virgin America and JetBlue Airlines had the fewest mishandled baggage reports per 100,000 passengers in February.
  •  The airlines with the smallest number of complaints per 100,000 enplanements were Alaska Airlines, Hawaiian Airlines and Southwest.

You can get the full report here.