Top 10 things every business traveler needs

December 16, 2013 |

Business travelers have different needs than less frequent travelers because they often need to remain connected and productive on-the-go. For especially long flights, entertainment is a must. Consider equipping your business personnel with some of these useful gadgets and gear to make business travel more enjoyable, efficient and productive: <!–more–>

  1. Wireless device charger. While smartphones are more advanced than ever, it seems their battery lives have been unable to keep up. But there are plenty of high-quality chargers on the market that allow you to power up while on-the-go, so you’re always connected, even in flight. One great option is the Powerocks Portable Magic Cube, a 12,000 mA/h output charger that is compatible with various smartphones and several other devices with its built-in USB and micro USB cables. There’s also the PocketCell, a 3,000 mAh rechargeable portable battery that fits in your pocket, as well as the Duracell Powermat TravelMat – a sleek wireless charger that involves simply placing your phone on a mat.
  2. Device organizer. With all of your necessary travel gadgets, it’s a good idea to have a compact device organizer that fits easily into your briefcase. One good option is the Grid-It! organizer by cocoon, which uses a few dozen elastic bands to hold your device firmly in place.
  3. Baggage tracker. If one is heading out on a longer business trip or is involved in frequent global travel, checking a bag is probably a must. Thousands of bags are lost each year, so frequent travel ups your probability of a lost bag. Consider using a GPS-based luggage tracker like Trace Me™ Luggage Tracker or Trakdot™ for ease of mind and less likelihood that your bag will be lost.
  4. Sleep aids. If you’re hopping a red eye, getting sleep is a must. Purchase ear plugs, noise canceling headphones and a good eye mask. One innovative, comfortable option is The Travel Halo™, a sophisticated travel pillow and eye mask combo.
  5. Wireless touchpad. Rather than a mouse, consider an even more compact touchpad for use with your laptop or tablet. One good option is the Logitech Wireless Touchpad, with a range of up to 25 meters and a long battery life. Touchpads are great because they don’t have the same space limitations that most mouses have, making them perfect for airplane use.
  6. Lightweight carryon. Business travel requires a compact, lightweight carry-on for ease of use. Try the Victorinox Spectra™Extra-Capacity U.S. Carry-on, which weighs only 6.6 pounds and has rotating wheels and a sleek design. Another option is the ultra-light Timbuk2® Copilot Luggage Roller.
  7. Pocket projector. Practice your big presentation in the hotel room with a projector that fits in your pocket. Brookstone and 3M both have several options.
  8. Portable humidifier. Hotel rooms can get pretty stuffy. Keep the air from getting stale with a portable humidifier like the one by Satechi, which is USB compatible and can fit over most water bottles for soothing vapors.
  9. Multi-tool collar stays. When people embark on business travel, they likely don’t pack things like scissors, bottle openers and screw drivers. However, you might need these when you least expect it. Consider purchasing these cool Multi-Tool Titanium Collar Stays from Bonobos for crisp collars and built-in gadgets when you need them.
  10. Noise-canceling headphones. These awesome devices can be used for entertainment or sleep purposes. Consider the CHORD MS 530 M-Series from Phiaton for superior noise-cancelation.