Top tips for packing a carry-on for business travel

March 24, 2014 |

Packing for business travel is much different than packing for leisure travel. For starters, business trips are often only a few days in length, so many people only pack a carry-on for efficiency’s sake. Also, carry-ons mean no lost luggage and more peace of mind while you’re away. Additionally, business travelers needs are much different than those of people embarking on vacation getaways. If your company sends employees on business trips, here are some genius packing tips to pass along to your coworkers that make flying more efficient, cost-effective and stress-free:

Pack more black and white

Black and white are very versatile colors for business travelers – they go together perfectly and can be easily dressed up or down. Black clothes are best because they hide stains easily. If you won’t be spending all of your time in high-profile meetings and will have time to dress down, make sure to bring dark denim, which can be casual or dressed up when necessary. A black blazer – for both men and women – is also great because it can be both day and night wear. Black also hides wrinkles quite well.

Some travel experts suggest that unless you’re taking a very long business trip (more than two weeks), it’s a good idea to only pack what will fit into a carry-on – about a week’s worth of clothes – and to invest in doing laundry at your hotel instead.

Bring travel tools to freshen up

Flight travel can be unpredictable – delays and cancelations are common, as most frequent fliers can attest. So, it could happen that you have to go straight from the airport to a business meeting. Just in case, it’s a good idea to pack some simple things so you can arrive looking fresh. Some examples of good travel tools include a small toothbrush, mouthwash, facial wipes and a lint roller.

Pack some not-so-fast food

Many companies pay for business travelers meals by supplying a food allowance. However, food at the airport can be outrageously expensive and not always the healthiest option. Individuals embarking on business travel might want to consider bringing healthy snacks like protein bars, fresh fruit and trail mix to stay satiated during extended flights and airport stays. It’s also a good idea to invest in a filtered water bottle for business trips.

Back it up

Make sure to bring high-resolution backup copies of all of your most important documents, including passport, visa, credit cards, SD card and driver’s license. If you lose anything, it will be a lifesaver to have these copies. Tuck them into a folder in your carry-on.

Leave it at home

Knowing what to pack is as important as knowing what not to pack. After all, for a long business trip, carry-on space is very valuable. Hotels have shampoo, soap, lotion and hairdryers. Many have other products like stain remover – especially if they are in a locale frequented by business travelers. Be smart about the space in your carry-on!