Travel and Transport Launches Corporate Travel Compliance Gamification Program

February 26, 2015 |

Corporate-Travel-Compliance-Gamification-ProgramIn January of 2015, Travel and Transport launched a corporate travel compliance gamification program in order to lower costs and decrease one of their client’s business-related carbon footprint. Through Travel and Transport’s Points 2 Points loyalty program, the customer’s travelers generate points by booking travel via their prescribed online booking tool, making reservations well in advance of travel and selecting the company’s preferred travel suppliers. When enough points are earned, they can be redeemed to fund the company’s donation to a tree-planting organization.

Travel and Transport General Manager Michelle Holmes believes that gamification programs will become a popular model to lower overall travel costs and empower employees to participate in their company’s social responsibility. “So many of our clients are concerned with the best methods to enhance their role as a responsible corporate presence”, Holmes said. “Our Points 2 Points program provides them with this ability and allows them the flexibility to make an impact as unique as their organization, while at the same time engaging their employees.”

Additionally, the Points 2 Points program was chosen to assist clients in engaging with a younger workforce, who are accustomed to being rewarded for the products they buy and the choices they make. “Millennials are composing a larger and larger segment of clients’ travelers. Research shows that younger employees regularly engage with loyalty programs, as well as with community sourcing projects to accomplish larger goals. We are now seeing this trend spreading to additional generations who want, need and actually expect gamification programs in most aspects of their lives,” Holmes states. “We believe our gamification program connects individual, company and greater community goals, and that it will be embraced across all generations in the workplace.”