TSA offering $15,000 for ideas on security checkpoints

August 12, 2014 |

The Transportation Security Administration is taking submissions through August 15 on ideas for improving security checkpoints at airports across the country. According to Travel Leisure, the more efficient screening process suggestions should accommodate travelers of all levels, including standard, premier and TSA Pre✓™ as well as employees, flight crews and passengers in wheelchairs.

Dubbed the InnoCentive Challenge, the reason for the contest is due to the growing number of travelers who choose to participate in the TSA Pre✓™ program, which allows them to move through security lines faster because they are not required to remove shoes, belts or laptops from carry-on luggage.

The source said that the ideas should be efficient during peak and non-peak hours, meet schedules for flights and TSA staff and include site-specific requirements. Contest participants must also include proof that the concept they’re suggesting works.

Passengers of all types, including those who frequently go out on business travel, are encouraged to submit their own ideas for improving security checkpoints.

“The InnoCentive Challenge is about leveraging innovation and out-of-the-box thinking to find solutions to TSA’s most challenging issues – in our instance, for more effective and dynamic queue design,” a TSA spokesperson told ABC Denver affiliate 7News. “InnoCentive is for unique, defined challenges with a guaranteed cash reward for the successful solution. As such, the current challenge is a targeted request for inventive ideas that allows the agency to crowd source by engaging diverse and non-traditional groups of thinkers and solvers. This is becoming a widely accepted practice in federal government, as most successfully demonstrated and embraced by NASA, and is in line with the Administration’s Strategy for American Innovation.”

More than 3,000 ideas have already been submitted, according to Travel Leisure, and the total payout of $15,000 will include at least one award that’s no less than $5,00 and no award less than $2,500.