Tweets from the upcoming big data revolution

September 1, 2015 |

Earlier today, Travel and Transport’s Brian Beard gave a presentation at the Georgia Business Travel Association‘s monthly meeting entitled “The Upcoming Big Data Revolution”. Our Vice President of Corporate Sales & Marketing and prolific tweeter Penny Watermeier was there and live-tweeted the whole thing!

Participants at the event learned about the evolution of big data in the travel industry and why it is taking center stage. In the past, big data has been a very hyped buzzword and has not gained significant traction in the travel industry. In the past year, there have been positive developments that will allow corporations, travel companies and suppliers to take advantage of big data. The session provided an understanding of what big data is, how it is different from traditional travel reporting and business intelligence and options for taking advantage of new developments that make big data affordable, scalable and usable for almost any size of organization.




Brian’s a great speaker and if you haven’t already, we hope you’ll get to hear him talk about technology and data very soon! Until then, Penny’s tweets should give you a taste of the great story Brian has to tell about why now is the right time for big data in the travel industry.

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