US Airways and American to share terminal at Chicago O’Hare

July 15, 2014 |

Following the merger between American Airlines and US Airways, the new jumbo carrier will combine departures into one terminal at Chicago O’Hare International Airport. According to Skift, the carriers made the terminal move on July 1, so those heading out on business travel may need to navigate between the two terminals in order to catch a connecting flight.

US Airways is currently located at O’Hare’s Terminal 2 while American operated out of Terminal 3. The move also means that US Airways travelers who need to check baggage and print boarding passes will need to quickly navigate through the airport as they’ll check in at Terminal 2 and go through that security line. After moving through security at Terminal 2, travelers will need to walk to their departure gates on the airports H concourse in Terminal 3. The source reported that it’s an estimated four-minute walk added to travel times through the airport.

Travelers who don’t need to visit the ticket counter for services and choose to print their boarding passes at home or have them on mobile devices and have no checked baggage can pass through security at Terminal 3.

“We are working on enhanced signage and staffing to make sure this is clear to customers,” an American airlines spokeswoman told Skift.

A spokeswoman also told the source that US Airways operations are estimated to make the full relocation to Terminal 3 sometime in the fall. This means that ticket counters will also move and be located closer to the terminal so that fliers don’t have to venture a further distance through the airport.