White Paper: Gen X and Y Join Boomers

January 14, 2014 |

Whitepaper-Gen-X-and-Y-graphisManaging Multi-Gen Traveler Needs

The reality of a multi-generational workforce has begun to emerge at many companies and with it pressures to adapt corporate travel policies and practices. About half of 139 travel managers surveyed earlier this year by The BTN Group and Travel and Transport said they were concerned about the impact of younger travelers over the next three years.

Just a handful said they were concerned about an immediate impact and 17 percent expect the brunt of the changes to occur in the next 18 months. The other half of survey respondents said they were not concerned about impending demographic changes.

This BTN Group white paper, sponsored by Travel and Transport, highlights the realities and forecasts of workforce transformation and issues that could emerge in managed travel as a result. With multiple generations in traveler bases, some corporate travel executives are looking at every aspect of their travel programs, from how they communicate policies to the technologies used to book travel and manage en route.

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