Yoga Rooms at the Airport

February 9, 2016 |

This past summer I traveled to Ohio for a family vacation and had a layover at Midway Airport in Chicago, Illinois. Anytime I’m stuck between flights, I make it a point to walk a few laps and stretch to stay alert for the next leg of my trip. As I wandered around the airport, however, I came across a sign advertising a yoga room located in Concourse C.

Here I was, walking around the airport in my flip-flops, on the verge of blisters, and I could have been relaxing in a tranquil room, stretched out on a yoga mat. Call me behind the times, but I don’t usually seek out amenities at the airport for fear they will cost extra or require frequent flyer status. After a little research, I discovered use of the yoga room is free and it’s open to everyone.

yoga-studio-jun-kanekoUpon entering the room, I witnessed a soothing environment. Relaxing music played over the speakers and poses were demonstrated on a video monitor. The room was even equipped with yoga mats, which was perfect for my unplanned retreat. Nearby restrooms allowed for a quick outfit change and before I knew it, I was stretched out on a bamboo floor finding inner peace in the middle of a bustling airport.

In case you aren’t flying through Midway any time soon, do not worry. The following airports also offer free yoga rooms:

With New Year’s resolutions at the cusp of hanging on for a few more days, make the best of your next layover and try a yoga room.

Better yet, include this in your on-the-road workout plan. Try watching YouTube videos of yoga routines you can easily do in the comfort of your hotel room. You’ll discover that stretching before a big meeting can open up your mind and ease tension. Travelers with chronic symptoms such as back pain and stiff joints will also find yoga to be a soothing workout without the painful recovery time afterward.

Have you tried a yoga room before? Sound off in the comments and let us know how you liked it!