Internship Program Feature: Bethany Bishop

August 6, 2014 |

Bethany-BishopMy name is Bethany Bishop and I am a senior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  I am working towards my Bachelor’s degree in Hospitality, Restaurant, and Tourism Management emphasizing in Food & Beverage.  Additionally, I have minors in Communication Studies, Leadership and Communication, Business, and Criminal Justice.

Prior to pursuing this opportunity with Travel and Transport, I had my heart set on a food and beverage position for the summer; however, after learning more about the internship, I could not picture myself in any other position.  With 5 ½ years behind me in the food service industry, I decided I wanted to venture into something different to learn a different aspect of the hospitality industry.  I had a good understanding of who Travel and Transport was prior to my first day, but showed up eager and ready to learn the odds and ends of the business.

During my thirteen weeks as an intern, I have moved between the numerous departments that make up the company.  Each week brings an exciting learning experience that has allowed me to truly understand what it’s like to work at Travel and Transport.  As a 100% employee-owned company, Travel and Transport has perfected the small-business, family culture, even though they have over 1,100 employees and by definition are considered a large business.

Aside from moving between departments, I am offering an extra set of hands on any and all projects throughout the company, from updating client profiles to documenting important department information.  Specifically, I am working on developing recruitment strategies for Travel and Transport’s Travel Academy.  As the current work force inches closer to retirement each year, there is a high demand for younger generations in the industry.  Many colleges and schools have done away with the specialized training needed to become a travel counselor, thus making it very difficult to get individuals with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to carry on the next generation of corporate travel management.  In response to this deficiency, Travel and Transport created a program of their own. With the program in place, it is important to reach out and find those who are interested in the travel industry and want to carry the industry into the future.

After graduation, I hope to move to Colorado and start my career. I feel that my heart will always be in the food service industry.  I hope to one day own my own restaurant or work in sports event management, specifically in baseball.  My time at Travel and Transport has been extremely eye-opening.  I now understand what it takes to run a business, which is critical knowledge if I plan to own a restaurant someday. Thankfully, every aspect of the hospitality industry interests me. I have a good idea of what I hope to do one day in the long run, but will take any opportunity in between.  The hospitality industry as a whole has a lot to give and I want to learn as much of each industry as I can.

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