Internship Program Feature: Emily Fischer

August 15, 2014 |

Emily-FischerMy time in the quiet office of Travel and Transport’s marketing department has taught me many things—how to schedule meetings using Microsoft Outlook, the importance of food days, and how to research information and write a comprehensive blog post about traveling to Brazil (somewhere I’ve never been.) Most importantly, my time at Travel and Transport has given me a look inside one of the most successful travel management companies in the world and proved to me the importance of loving what you do.

I was worried at the prospect of spending 40 hours a week at a desk job during my summer vacation, but after my first few days in the office, I began to look forward to coming into work. My coworkers were helpful, answering any and all questions I had. I began to develop routines within the office and was given more and more responsibilities as the summer went on.

One of my projects this summer was updating the proposal database. One of the main responsibilities of the marketing department (after maintaining brand standards) is to write proposals and create presentations to present to potential clients, explaining the services of Travel and Transport in order to earn new business. I became familiar with the existing Google database and transferred the proposals and presentations to the new Evernote database. This project helped me gain an understanding of the updated database and allowed me to be a source of information for my coworkers.

I wrote blog posts, participated in weekly staff meetings, helped Travel and Transport “Strike Out Hunger” by volunteering at a bake sale and cookout, and updated the sales manual. I created an infographic using Adobe Illustrator which depicted mobile apps useful for traveling and I was never sent out to get coffee! This internship was an incredible use of my time, as my experiences in the office allowed me to apply what I’ve learned in the classroom to the real world. I highly recommend the internship experience at Travel and Transport to anyone who wants to enter into the world of corporate America and feel useful and well-informed.

After my graduation from Marquette University, I plan to begin working, although I haven’t ruled out the possibility of returning to academia to earn an MBA. I hope to someday be the Chief Marketing Officer of a major corporation, a role that I believe would fulfill my desires to pursue a career where creativity, ingenuity and analytical skills are required every day. My educational focus on corporate communication and graphic design will apply well to a career of this nature. I aspire to be a dynamic leader within my workplace and my experiences as an intern at Travel and Transport have provided a solid foundation for the remainder of my professional life.

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