Internship Program Feature: Ethan Weber

August 13, 2014 |


The internship program at Travel and Transport has been a great experience for me. I have been able to get real world experience that is related to my major, as well as experience that is relevant to any career path. I am gaining valuable experience about how the professional world functions, and more specifically, the way professionals in my field work and interact with each other. It was also an excellent experience for me to go through the interview process necessary to earn a spot in the internship program.

One of my projects as an intern has been to construct an in-depth server document that will be used in the interest of business continuity in the event of a disaster. The document lists all servers currently being used by Travel and Transport. Each server is listed with relevant information such as server name, primary contact for information on the server, how critical the server is, whether or not the server is backed up, the purpose of the server, any dependencies the server has, and an estimated time it will take to restore the server. All of this information will be used to decide which servers need to be rebuilt first in the event of a disaster. This all ties into the Business Continuity Plan that is being created so Travel and Transport will have a documented process to use when recovering from a disaster. Working on this project has given me great insight into the way the real world works from an IT and network perspective.

My other project has been upgrading some of Travel and Transport’s older computers from Windows XP to Windows 7, as Windows XP is no longer supported by Microsoft, and therefore, will not be as secure. After being upgraded, the computers were put into a kiosk mode. If a computer is in kiosk mode, a user logs onto a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) rather than the computer itself. This means the computer doesn’t store any employee files or information. Instead, the user’s files and such are stored by the server, which means that any user can log into any computer on VDI and have all of their files, information and preferences. The setup is excellent for businesses. This has given me further experience as to how computers are effectively utilized by larger companies. This project is slowing down as most of the PC’s are finished, however, now I will begin working on remote upgrades. Remote upgrades involve sending a USB drive to other Travel and Transport branches and home users, and walking each employee through some of the steps. I will then be remoted in to finish the upgrade process.

The internship program at Travel and Transport has been incredibly helpful and has helped me to better understand my career. I have enjoyed being able to see what the future may hold for me, as well as get experience in different areas related to my  current career path that may lead me to other similar career paths. My future plans, while still a little uncertain, are to pursue a second summer internship with Travel and Transport, and possibly continue to return until I am done with college. At the end of college, I may apply to be brought on full time at Travel and Transport.