Internship Program Feature: Lauren Meyers

August 15, 2014 |

Lauren-MeyerI am a General Business major at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri. I knew I wanted to go into the field of business, but at the start of the summer I had no idea what I wanted to do in the future. That is precisely why I applied for this internship. Over the course of the past nine weeks, I have shadowed over 40 people in their respective jobs throughout nine of the different departments at Travel and Transport. Aside from shadowing the various departments, my primary focus has been on the project that I have been assigned to complete by the end of the summer. I was put in charge of updating the Business Continuity Disaster Recovery Plan.

The Disaster Recovery Plan is a document that outlines the specific responsibilities, tasks, equipment and documentation needed by each necessary team within the company in order for Travel and Transport to continue operation if the building were destroyed. In order to complete the document I have either met with or set up meetings with the people who have been recognized as the leaders of each team that is included within the plan. This has been the most beneficial part of my project because I have had to schedule, be a part of, and even lead meetings with over 30 of the heads of each department of Travel and Transport, which can be intimidating. I have also learned the specifics of how each department functions and their particular role and purpose within the world of business. The most challenging part of my project so far is how detailed and in-depth the documentation of each team has to be. I have only been a part of Travel and Transport for a few short months and I only shadow each department for a week, therefore, I know only surface-level information about each team. This makes it difficult for me to follow and comprehend each meeting, especially the departments dealing with technology. However, I have a spectacular supervisor, Tim Krueger, who opens up his schedule every morning to talk to me about the project, answer any questions, and help me get ready for each meeting so I am not lost.

This internship has been such an amazing learning experience because I have gained so much insight on the reality of business. I have taken classes, exams, and done many presentations in various business subjects including accounting, economics, finance, management, and marketing, but throughout this internship I was able to see what those subjects look like in action. It shocked me how different my classes were from the real-life equivalent. Embarrassingly enough, it took me a whole day to realize the department of Account Management was actually managerial accounting, a class I had taken my final in just three weeks before. I walked out of that final thinking “never again” because the class was so dry and boring, which is why it never occurred to me that Account Management was the real-life version. Unlike the class I took, I was very intrigued by Account Management, and I would have never considered it as an option for the future had I not been accepted for this internship.

I entered this internship with an interest in business and no idea of where to focus from there. This internship has given me the opportunity to not only see how each area of business is carried out, but to also experience a company where everyone likes their job and wants to be there. I have decided that I want to focus my studies on the marketing side of business, hopefully in the field of graphic design I found each department to be uniquely interesting but the Marketing department will be the perfect path for me.