Internship Program Feature: Megan Weber

August 8, 2014 |

Megan-WeberMy name is Megan Weber and I am currently attending college at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. This will be my fifth and final year as I will be graduating in May 2015 with a degree in Hospitality, Restaurant, and Tourism Management with an emphasis in Human Resources and minors in Business; Sociology; and Leadership, Education, and Communication.

For my summer project, I am working directly with Diane Stein, Director of Human Resources, doing a Policy Comparison between Travel and Transport and Ultramar Travel Management. We are in the process of integrating handbooks within the next 3 years. This is a very detailed project that entails a lot of organization. Ultramar’s policy and procedures layout and wording was very different from ours. Not to mention, we had over 100 policies and they had closer to 50. In a spreadsheet, I first listed differences and similarities, what to omit, and what to add. I am now re-arranging the order and categories Travel and Transport’s policies were placed under. From that, I will then compile the final new handbook for Ultramar containing the policies we agreed upon merging. The end stages will be going over the last few policies that have a cost factor and presenting that to the executive team before moving forward.

I have always wanted to work at a corporate headquarters office and this internship has fulfilled that dream in the business field of hospitality. Travel and Transport allows for so many opportunities to move around within the company and possibilities to relocate. It was exciting to see how each department is made up of a dynamic team with incredible leadership. I knew very little about the travel industry before starting this internship so it has opened my eyes to different terminology and online global distribution systems.

My future goals include moving back to Omaha, pursuing my dream job in the corporate world, and getting my Master’s degree. I also have an interest in the medical field.

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