Cvent unveils new platform redesign

July 24, 2014 |

Cvent recently announced that it is launching a new event management interface at its Corporate and Association Meetings Summits in June. The company said on its website that the new interface, called Blue Release, offers more user-friendly features and will introduce more streamlined navigation while increasing workflow for event management.

“Cvent has become the event management technology leader by listening to planners’ needs,” Brian Ludwig, senior vice president of sales at Cvent, said in a statement. “We have built a robust platform with deep and varied capabilities over the past 15 years. This platform facelift brings a new simplicity and elegance to the user interface while maintaining the same rich functionality. We’ve already received great feedback from clients who’ve tested the Blue Release, and we believe all Cvent clients will be very pleased with it.”

The user-friendly elements include drag-and-drop editing, interactive charts and live updates. Cvent said that by including these features in the event planning software will allow users to complete more tasks with fewer clicks while running faster and being more visually appealing.

Blue Release is a cloud-based platform that can be easily updated with enhancements. The goal of the new management program was to advance design and raise usability standards, according to Cvent. Before the platform was announced, the company spent six months designing it, held more than 50 user focus groups and spent 18 months of additional development and testing.

According to the company, the Blue Release will be available to Cvent users during the third quarter of 2014.