Take on Travel #2 – Hotel WiFi

Our 2nd Take on Travel for 2015 comes from Travel and Transport Chief Operations Officer, Tim Fleming

Will you consider changing your preferred hotel brands because of changes to hotel WiFi policies or is it not a big deal? Let us know using #takeontravel.As we reported to you in Octobersome hotel companies have changed their WiFi policies, only offering free wireless internet access to their loyalty program members booking through direct hotel channels. Instead of following along with these changes, we suggested to other hotel suppliers that they look to their customers for guidance – using the opportunity to set themselves apart and shift share to their brands through more customer-friendly policies.

Late in December we brought you the great news that Hyatt announced they would offer complimentary WiFi to all guests worldwide beginning in February, regardless of how they book. We applaud this announcement and hope that other suppliers will follow suit with similar policies.

I would love to hear your take on this hot travel topic. Tell us what you think. Will you consider changing your preferred hotel brands because of changes to hotel WiFi policies like this or is it not a big deal? Leave a comment, send a Tweet, tag us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Vine or wherever you like to communicate using #takeontravel.

Take on Travel #1 – Flight Tracking Services

Do you use flight tracking services like FlightAware.com and FlightRadar24.com? In today's Take on Travel, Nancy Rissky tells us why they're so important.Throughout 2015, Travel and Transport’s executive team will be taking on travel! They might Take on Travel with a new idea, thought or recommendation for travelers. They might provide their Take on Travel with insight into news and trends happening in the world of travel.

Our first Take on Travel comes from Senior Vice President of Account Management Nancy Rissky:

Over the holidays I’ve been thinking a lot about the recent news regarding AirAsia flight QZ8501 and the still missing Malaysia Airlines flight. There are some great flight tracking sites that allow you to track the route of your upcoming flights:

Both of these sites use air traffic control data as well as data from airplanes to provide accurate information on routes prior to flying and tracking while your flight is in the air. We have been seeing a lot of planes diverted in the Asia Pacific region due to extreme turbulences related to monsoon season. These services are very useful for planning, duty-of-care and peace of mind.

We want to hear your Take on Travel too! Do you have a thought or idea about something travel-related? It can be anything! Leave a comment, send a Tweet, tag us on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Vine or wherever you like to communicate. Don’t forget to include the hashtag #takeontravel.