3 airports to avoid when making international connections

February 22, 2015 |

Avoid these airports if you can when making international connecting flights.In a couple of months I’ll be traveling internationally. If you’re booking on your own, choosing international flights can be a time consuming, back and forth, will he or won’t he, finger interminably suspended above the mouse as the cursor blinks on the “select flights” icon, exercise. Booking global travel can get pretty complicated. Some of the factors you must juggle include what airline to fly on, how soon to arrive at your final destination, where to change planes, and how long of a layover will be needed. When booking my flights, the last two were real sticklers because I didn’t want my trip to be ruined or seriously affected by missing the connection for my overnight flight to Europe. Factors that must always be considered are the locations/airports that are best to avoid when making international connections.

According to Conde Nast, three of the hardest US airports at which to make international connecting flights are O’Hare Airport in Chicago, JFK in New York City, and LAX in Los Angeles. The primary reasons for this are time and space. At these airports the international flights generally depart from different terminals than those at which domestic flights arrive. This means having to hustle via walking or shuttle ride to another terminal as your layover time ticks by. In some cases, switching terminals requires travelers to have to go through security or customs and immigration before getting into the new terminal to make your connection. Processes at each of the above mentioned airports will soon be improving, but in the meantime, a smart move might be to look at alternative options for global travel if possible.

An experienced travel advisor is also able to help you with making the best international connection choices and has expert knowledge on which airports might be best to stay away from. Get our infographic, “The Enduring Value of Travel Agents” for more information on why using an experience travel advisor is a great idea.