Answers to the 5 Most Common Flight Questions

December 6, 2018 |

Many businesses use a travel management company to ensure that they get the best travel rates and avoid the headaches that often come with booking travel. What about when you’re flying for vacation travel? Here are some of the top air travel questions that we hear from travelers when they’re getting ready for a trip:

I booked my flight several months ago but now need to cancel. Will I be reimbursed?

It depends. If you bought a refundable fare, which is typically more expensive, you’re in the clear. If you have a non-refundable ticket and have to cancel you will be issued a ticket credit that you can use, in most cases, for up to one year from the day you booked the flight. You’ll also likely be charged a change fee that can vary by airline. Look for information on change fees on the airline’s website or you can contact your travel advisor for questions if you’ve booked with Travel and Transport.

How much time do I need between connecting flights for international travel?

Making your connecting flight is a common traveler worry, especially when planing vacation travel outside of the U.S. Delays can be nearly impossible to predict as they can result from so many factors. A two-hour layover may not always be enough cushion in the event of a delay. On the other hand, anything more than five hours could be intolerable. If you’re connecting in an international destination or returning to the U.S. to catch a connecting flight home, be sure to build in extra time to make it through customs, immigration and security. Trusted traveler programs like Global Entry and TSA Pre Check can help to save you time at these checkpoints. Booking your entire journey as part of the same reservation with the same airline or airline group is strongly recommended as most airlines try to build in the minimum adequate layover time and will work to accommodate you if your flights have been delayed. If you’ve booked the legs of your journey separately you may not be able to rebook your connecting flights without additional cost.

What if my flight is stuck on the tarmac and I need to get off?

Though you hear horror stories about flights being stuck on the tarmac for several hours, they actually aren’t very frequent. When tarmac delays happen, they are usually due to poor weather conditions. Thankfully, the Department of Transportation now requires airlines to let passengers off the plane if the tarmac delay lasts more than three hours and flight attendants will usually offer you water and do their best to ensure you’re comfortable during the wait.

What is the best day to book airfare?

There are many theories on this topic so a definitive answer might be hard to come by. Since many airlines release that week’s sales on Mondays, a prevailing theory is that Tuesday afternoon may be the best time to get a deal when airlines are trying to match each other’s fares or lower prices to compete.The answer is that it really depends on the season, the destination and whether or not there are holiday sales. An experienced vacation travel advisor can work with you to ensure you’re getting the best possible fares on the flights that work best for you.

Can you still get a window or aisle seat in economy class?

Yes, most airline still allow you to select your preferred seat at the time of booking, however, this varies by airline and demand. Buying your tickets early and joining the airline’s frequent flyer program are the best ways to ensure you get the seats you want. We also recommend checking in for your flight 24 hours in advance online. You’ll usually have the opportunity to confirm your seat assignment at that time. Many airlines now offer premium economy seats at an additional cost that are located in the front half of the plane and offer additional space and legroom. They also offer additional perks like preferred space in the overhead bins for your carry-on. When upgrading to these seats you’ll have the opportunity to select the seat location you want based on what’s available.