The Best Time to Visit Singapore and Other Asia Pacific Hot Spots

August 13, 2019 |

What’s the Best Time to Visit Singapore?

Any experienced travel advisor will tell you that the best time to visit Singapore and other Asia Pacific hot spots is during the dry season. That season may vary depending on which countries you visit. Literal southeast Asian hot spots like Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia are driest in November through February.

While it’s generally an all-year-round destination, the best time to go to Singapore is February through April. Other countries, such as island nations like Indonesia and Japan, are best seen in April through October and March through May, respectively.

All of this variance highlights the reality that the best time to visit Asia depends on where in Asia you want to go.


Best Time to Visit Singapore and Other Asia Pacific Destinations

As we’ve covered, there’s no one best time to visit Asia, at least not all of it. Working with an experienced travel advisor is a great way to make sure you take your vacation to Asia at the ideal time. 

Our travel advisors have journeyed extensively throughout Asia and know not only the best places to visit in Asia, but also the best times to see them. Here are our recommendations on the best time to visit Southeast Asia popular destinations:

  • Best time to go to Singapore: Really, any time is a good time to visit Singapore, but February through April tends to be a little drier.
  • Best time to visit Bali: Like many other places in southeast Asia, Bali has only two seasons — rainy and dry. April and October tend to be drier months, and therefore better times to visit.
  • Best time to see Japan: If you want to see Japan’s famed cherry trees in full blossom, the end of April is the best time to visit. Other excellent months include spring (March to May) and fall (September to November).
  • Best time to travel to Cambodia: Humidity can get quite high in Cambodia. Visiting during the drier months of November through April should bring some relief.
  • Best time to visit the Maldives: The best time to visit this island paradise is between December and April when it’s less likely to experience storms or adverse weather.
  • Best time to go to Tibet: Pleasant weather and warm, gentle breezes are typical of April through October in Tibet, so plan to visit then.


Best Places to Visit in Asia

Knowing when to go to Asia is only one facet of planning a vacation. Working with an experienced travel advisor is the best and easiest way to plan an itinerary that is both realistic and checks off all your boxes. Our travel advisors would love to help you explore the best food, hotels and sights in the best places to visit in Asia.

Contact one of our experienced travel advisors today to turn your dream vacation to Asia into a reality!