5 Educational Vacations for Families

July 24, 2019 |

5 Educational Vacations for Families

Educational vacations help families learn while traveling. Some of the best learning is done when you can get out and explore areas of interest. If family travel means more to you than theme parks and relaxing, explore these five educational vacation destinations.


5 Educational Vacations for Families

The educational vacation destinations listed here will satisfy your craving for experiencing new and different people and places. Instead of exploring the world through a screen, you’ll get up close and personal with real life in different settings around the world.


1. Rome, Italy.

Rome, Italy | 5 Educational Vacations for Families

If ancient history interests you, family travel to Rome may be the best educational vacation destination for you. The Colosseum, Trevi Fountain, Pantheon and Pompeii are just a few of the historic sites your family will enjoy visiting in Rome.


2. Colonial Williamsburg, Virginia.

Colonial Williamsburg, VA | 5 Educational Vacations for Families

If you’re more of an American History buff, you’ll love visiting Colonial Williamsburg. A living museum that lets you experience life in 18th century America is just one of the things that makes this one of the best educational vacations for families. 


3. London, England.

London, England | 5 Educational Vacations for Families

Dive into the culture of the country that spawned America with an educational vacation to London. Tour classic sites like the Tower of London and Parliament Building, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre or Churchill War Rooms. Whether you see a show on London’s West End or take a Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour, there’s plenty of magic to experience in London.


4. Iceland.

Iceland | 5 Educational Vacations for Families

Revisit the ancient world of the Vikings with an educational trip to Iceland. See an exact replica of a Viking ship; go whale watching; visit Thingvellir Park, home to the first Parliament; and experience the captivating power of significant geological sites like Gulfoss and Langjokull, home to an amazing ice cave and Europe’s second-largest glacier.


5. Paris, France.

Paris, France | 5 Educational Vacations for Families

From well-known landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Notre-Dame Cathedral to the Louvre Museum, Sorbonne and Arc de Triomphe, there is more to see in Paris than can be squeezed into one educational vacation. Take your family to Paris and experience the sites that interest you most for your next family vacation.


Why We Plan Educational Vacations

Educational vacations are one of the best ways to immerse yourself in a place. Whether you partake in a culinary tour of Paris, go on a guided hike through an ice cave in Langjokull or decide to explore a destination not listed here, family travel is made better, not worse, with an educational vacation. 

Let our travel advisors help you plan the perfect family vacation. Reach out now to discuss your next educational vacation.