European Cruises and European River Cruises: Five Great Options

October 2, 2019 |

European Cruises and European River Cruises: Five Great Options

The most difficult aspect of European cruises is deciding which part of Europe you want to see. European cruises can be broken down into two main types: Mediterranean cruises and European river cruises.

Here, we share some of the best European cruises for travelers to consider. 


European Cruises and European River Cruises: Five Great Options

What makes European cruises so appealing is their variety. A western Mediterranean cruise takes you to cities like Barcelona, Rome and Monaco. Eastern Mediterranean cruises meanwhile, expose you to ports of call that include Croatia, Greece, Turkey and Israel. 


1. See the Greek Isles on an Eastern Mediterranean Cruise.

If you loved Mamma Mia or have a burning desire to sip a glance of wine by the sea in Santorini, an eastern Mediterranean cruise can take you there. Choose from larger ships that visit ports along the coast or take a smaller cruise line into the heart of the Greek Islands. 


2. Explore England with a European River Cruise.

Some of the best European cruises are river cruises that begin and end in the British Isles. From Southampton to London to the cliffs of Dover, a British Isles cruise is a great way to experience the castles, coasts and cities of England, Scotland, Ireland and Wales.


3. Discover Hidden Gems on a Western Mediterranean Cruise.

A western Mediterranean cruise is an excellent way to explore ports of call that might not be tourist hotspots, but do allow for a less crowded experience of western Europe. Ports of call may include Vigo in Spain, Brest in France, Le Havre in Amsterdam, Bruges in Belgium, and Hamburg in Germany.


4. Sail Norwegian Fjords.

A northern European river cruise is a great way to let go of the ordinary and experience the breathtaking waterfalls and inlets of this water-loving land. From metropolitan centers like Oslo to more remote ports like Bergen, Alesund and Olden, you can enjoy everything from hiking a glacier to eating whale meat for breakfast.


5. Sail Across the Sea on a Canary Islands Cruise

Start in the U.K. or Spain and sail across the sea to the Canary Islands, a Spanish archipelago, nestled off the coast of Africa. There, visit exotic islands like Tenerife, Lanzarote, Gran Canaria, La Palma and Madeira.  


Let an Experienced Travel Advisor Plan Your European Cruise

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