European Vacation 101: How a Travel Advisor Can Help You Plan a Trip to Europe

August 7, 2019 |

European Vacation 101: How to Plan a Trip to Europe

A European vacation is a dream for many travelers. Making that dream come true often comes down to proper planning, which is made much easier with the help of an experienced travel advisor. 

If you’re ready to embark on a European vacation, you likely have questions, such as when to go to Europe or how to plan a European vacation. Our travel advisors love helping people enjoy unforgettable European vacations. Here, we cover a few reasons for using our travel advisors to help plan a trip to Europe.


How to Plan a Trip to Europe — 5 Reasons to Work with a Travel Advisor

Traveling to Europe for the first time can feel overwhelming. Going into your trip prepared helps you avoid decisions that might detract from your enjoyment. Our travel advisors have spent years planning dream vacations to Europe for many travelers and know all the ins and outs of traveling to Europe. 

From knowing when to go to Europe to whether or not to take a cab from the airport and more, our advisors know how to make your European vacation a success. Here are five things we help travelers to Europe with every day. 


1. Our travel advisors help you decide where to go.

One of the most important factors in planning a trip to Europe is deciding where to go. Many of our advisors have traveled to Europe themselves and can make personal recommendations about cities and sights you’ll love.


2. Our travel advisors know when to go to Europe.

While you can go to Europe any time of year, we know that the best times to take a European vacation are in May, June and September, because prices tend to be more reasonable, weather is a bit better and crowds are thinner. These factors make those months an ideal time for a European vacation.


3. Our advisors tailor an itinerary to your personal priorities.

Based on what you want to see, our advisors put together a detailed itinerary with the ideal places to start and finish your trip as well as all the stops in between. With the perfect itinerary mapped out for you by an experienced advisor, you can relax knowing you’ll love every moment of a trip that has been tailored to your interests and priorities.


4. Our advisors make sure your passport and/or visa are valid.

Getting paperwork in order is one of the least glamorous aspects of planning a trip to Europe, but without the proper documents, your European vacation will never happen. Our travel advisors know that if you don’t have a passport, you need to allow four to six weeks from the time you apply to receive one and help you apply at the proper time. We’ll also check the expiration date of your passport or Visa to ensure it will still be valid during the time of your trip to Europe and, depending on which countries you visit, for at least six months after your trip is over.


5. Our advisors know when to recommend travel insurance.

While you might be tempted to write off travel insurance for your trip to Europe, our advisors know when it’s worth a second look. They help you see whether trip cancellation, flight cancellation or medical insurance makes sense for your trip. 


This list barely scratches the surface of the considerations involved in planning a trip to Europe. Get expert insight and care planning your European vacation. Let our travel advisors help you plan the trip of a lifetime!