Luxury Travel Tips: When to Start Planning a Luxury Vacation

September 4, 2019 |

Luxury Travel Tips: When to Start Planning a Luxury Vacation

Luxury travel is all about you. Your dreams. Your unique style. Your passion for experiencing the world in exquisite and breathtaking form. Still, luxury vacations and experiential travel don’t just happen. It takes the insight and taste of a travel advisor skilled in planning upscale travel to make it all fall in place.

We asked our travel advisors common questions people have when planning luxury travel, like, “How far out should I book a luxury vacation?,” “When do you start planning luxury trips?” and, “What are some of the best luxury travel destinations?” so you can benefit from their experience planning luxury vacations for clients.


Luxury Travel Tips: When to Start Planning a Luxury Vacation

Travel advisor Lisa Salloum is a luxury travel specialist with years of experience planning unforgettable luxury vacations for clients. Here are her thoughts on some of the most common luxury vacation questions travelers ask.


What are some of the best luxury travel resorts or destinations?

“Some of the best luxury vacations take travelers to places they’ve never been before but have always wanted to visit; “bucket list” type of destinations. Personally, my favorite spots to coordinate upscale travel to include Africa, Thailand and the English countryside. The exact location really depends on what the individual traveler wants to experience. There are gems in almost every country!”


When should you start planning a luxury vacation?

I’ve booked luxury vacations with only a month’s notice for clients. However, the more time I have to perform advanced planning definitely affords me time to work on preparing some really special moments. The more I know about my client’s particular experiential travel interests, the better luxury trip I am able to set up.”


How far out should you book luxury travel?

“Similar to what I shared in my previous response, luxury vacations are maximized when you have more, as opposed to less, time to plan them. Still, luxury trips of all kinds and upscale travel to many destinations can be arranged in as little as one month’s time.”


What are some of the common pitfalls travelers should avoid when it comes to luxury travel?

“Some travelers want to book some components of luxury trips on their own, but this can cause issues when trying to create a seamless flow. As an experienced luxury travel agent, I’ve learned missteps to avoid that someone trying to book luxury travel for the first time might easily overlook. For example, overlooking a local holiday can surprise people and lead to a situation where there is no space to stay at a desired resort or enjoy a particular luxury experience. 

“I think it’s also important for travelers to share as much about their personality and preferences as possible with the travel advisor planning their luxury vacation. The more information I have, the better able I am to curate truly amazing experiences.”


What are the benefits of working with a travel advisor to plan luxury trips?

“(At Travel and Transport), we have some terrific connections throughout the world to assist travelers and help them enjoy amazing experiences everywhere their luxury vacation takes them. We also have access to special perks that allow us to expose travelers to unforgettable experiences they may not have otherwise known about. Curating incredible luxury vacations is what we do best!”