The role of smartphones during travel

August 25, 2014 |

People heading out on vacation getaways listed their smartphones as the must have accessory to bring along. According to new research by InterContinental Hotels Group, more than 10,000 travelers in 13 countries across the globe said that they needed their smartphone while on vacation.

Approximately 40 percent of travelers said that a smartphone is the most important item to take on vacation. Additionally, 67 percent of the respondents reported that they would use the device every day of their trip.

The research by IHG Rewards Club found that 1 in 10 travelers can spend up to 70 hours online while traveling – that’s almost 20 percent of a two-week vacation.

There’s actually a lot of benefit to bringing a smartphone on vacation. These technologically advanced devices can help travelers get where they’re going much quicker with up-to-date maps and search for the highest-rated restaurant within a 1-mile radius.

Not only do smartphones prevent travelers from getting lost but they also serve as an all-in-one device, taking photos and videos, and allow vacationers to keep in contact with family and friends at home.

As many as 32 percent of travelers said that they Skype their loved ones while on vacation – and 64 percent are using their mobile devices in place of a postcard to send text messages and pictures back home, IHG found in its research.

Smartphones have led the way for a major change in the travel industry. However, Jaunted found that many traditional travelers prefer to search for the best places to visit through word of mouth or by simply walking around and finding it for themselves.

Perhaps the worst part about bringing along a mobile device on vacation is that travelers can’t always escape work. Since many people also have their work email on their phone, it can be hard to completely get away from it all and enjoy the trip. Travelers that truly want to escape the work that’s waiting for them but want to remain informed on where they’re visiting may want to consider removing their email until the return home.