How to Travel Well: Our Advisors’ Top Wellness Travel Tips

May 22, 2019 |

How to Travel Well: Our Advisors’ Top Wellness Travel Tips

For travel buyers and travelers alike, wellness is a top priority. For many, it’s more important than travel policy or even cost reduction. While wellness travel can be as simple as drinking more water when traveling, it can be as complex as embarking on a wellness retreat featuring restorative activities in exotic locales.

We caught up with Ronna Noah and Sarah Overbergen, two of our travel advisors who specialize in helping clients incorporate wellness into their travel plans for their top tips on wellness travel.


Top Wellness Travel Tips

If you’re interested in making wellness part of your travel plans, these tips from our expert travel advisors will help. Before we dive into the tips however, it’s important to define what wellness travel is.

“Wellness travel is a hot buzzword right now, but to me, it means two different things,” says Ronna Noah. “First, caring for your mind, body and soul when you travel through activities like yoga and eating right. Second, wellness when traveling has a medical element to it. You need to be mindful of medical wellness as well. So, whether that means bringing appropriate medications or visiting the gym, plan for your medical needs while traveling as well.”

Travel and Transport travel advisor Sarah Overbergen has a personal definition of wellness travel and why it’s so important to her. “Wellness travel allows you to escape your day-to-day worries and focus on the parts of life you may be neglecting. It is so easy to get lost in your everyday routine and not realize the effects those routines may have on your mind, body and soul. Wellness travel allows you to release those stressors that you’ve become so accustomed to so that you can return home refreshed and ready to tackle your daily routine with a clear mind, fresh outlook and new ideas on incorporating wellness into your daily life.”

Incorporating wellness into everyday life and travel can be as small or extensive as you want to make it. Ronna says a few helpful wellness travel tips are to eat right while on vacation, work out and get a massage. Sarah adds that it can be whatever you want to make it, saying, “wellness can be incorporated into every trip by scheduling time to do something for yourself. That might be a spa treatment, yoga class or taking an hour to find a quiet spot to relax or meditate.”

For travelers who hit the road frequently for business, being able to stay at properties with fitness facilities or spas can be convenient ways for companies to help their road warriors travel well and make wellness part of their travel routine.


A Few Wellness Travel Destinations Our Advisors Recommend

Whether it’s adventure wellness travel trips or wellness retreats, the options are abundant. Ronna recommends Eden Roc Cap Cana, which she visited personally. “The units are beautiful and very private,” she says. “It would make a fantastic wellness travel destination for anyone!”

Sarah says a Wellness Tour with G Adventures would help her escape the hecticness of her everyday life. “They offer many tours, but the one that interests me the most is their Bali Tour, which includes rejuvenating experiences like sunrise yoga, traditional healing ceremonies, snorkeling on Menjangan Island and hiking Munduk Waterfall. These adventure activities mixed with calming yoga and downtime sounds like the perfect mix for a busy lifestyle.”

Are you planning a wellness adventure? Our travel advisors are here to help! Reach out now for more wellness travel tips!