Utilizing your apps during travel

October 14, 2014 |

For most modern travelers, just a few touches of a smartphone screen can provide you with endless advantages ranging from coupons to traffic updates. Apps can especially come in handy during vacation getaways, and properly utilizing them can help boost your traveling experience in a number of ways. Here are just a few of the options you can choose to make the most out of your smartphone apps for traveling:

Prepare for the worst
Everyone who travels knows the potential risks that can arise from vacationing. Whether it’s flight delays or baggage claim trouble, apps like FlightTrack Pro or TripTracker Pro can help you stay ahead of the game and learn about any airport or weather updates that happen in real time. Even before you drive off to the airport, using the app Packing Pro will serve as the ultimate vacation checklist, where users can scroll through all of the recommended items necessary for travel to make sure they don’t leave anything important behind.

Stay on top of deals
If you fancy yourself a savvy deal-finder, you should be navigating the realms of Twitter on an hourly basis during vacation to round up the most cost-saving perks. Once you set your sights on a travel destination, start following the accounts of all the attractions, restaurants or businesses you wish to visit, because you never know when they’ll send out a tweet could save you prices on admittance or your bill.

Learn the ropes
Utilizing restaurant apps such as Zagat, Yelp and Urbanspoon will help you see where the best places in town to eat at are. Other apps such as TripAdvisor allow users to read reviews of local attractions and businesses so you can pick and choose which ventures are more suitable for your vacation interests.

Never get lost in translation
Apps are especially helpful during international travel, and having a smartphone is essentially all you need in terms of translating foreign languages. TripLingo is a great app for getting quick and accurate translations from the world’s leading languages . Even matters such as figuring out currency translation can be solved through apps, such as XE Currency, which can convert financial rates of up to 180 different types of money.

Find that Wi-Fi
Phone signals can be hard to come by at times during your vacation getaways, but whenever you need an emergency Internet connection, try using Free Wi-Fi Finder. This app allows you to geographically locate any nearby free Wi-Fi hot spots within the area so you can always find a way to stay linked when you need it the most.

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