Specific interest trips

March 26, 2014 |

Whether you want to sip your way through Napa Valley or indulge in a culinary expose in Tuscany, there are a variety of vacation getaways that cater to special interests. These journeys will not only expand your culture experience, but give you new insights into how the masters thrive in their area of expertise. Travelers who have a particular focus in mind can look into these tantalizing choices:

Wine trips in California
Napa Valley in Northern California is commonly known as wine country. Boasting more than 400 wineries, this top-tier destination is one of the most premier wine regions in the world. There are 16 American Viticultural Areas within Napa, including American Canyon, Calistoga, Lake Berryessa and Rutherford, to name a few. Each brings its own flavors and style to the table, featuring delicious wine tasting experiences. Raise your glass at tasting bars such as Cape Diem and Black Room Wines in Napa, make your way to Rustridge Ranch and WInery or Fog Canyon in Lake Berryessa for a glance of the countryside. Oenophiles will be in heaven with a glass in hand as they gaze out to the rolling hills and extensive vineyards. No doubt, wine country is an excellent pick for a specific interest trip.

Breweries in Germany and Belgium
Beer lovers can schedule a vacation in two of the homelands of brew: Germany and Belgium. There are about 1,250 breweries in Germany – almost four times as many as in all other countries of the European Union combined. Take a tour of brew pubs in the Bavarian capital of Munich, where vacationers on global travel can make their way to Augustiner for some of the best Helles, Erdinger – the world’s best Weissbier and Ayinger, which traces several thousand years of beer history.

While Germany is known for its lager, Belgium thrives in incredible diversity, with the most versatile beer in the globe. Whether travelers favor brown, lambic, white, chocolate or cherry beer, this country has it. In Brussels, check out Brewers’ House, headquarters of the Belgian Brewers Association, or Brussels’ Gueuze Museum and Cantillon Brewery. Delirium Cafe, located in the city, packs a world-record-shattering 2,500 beers from 60 countries.

Italian cooking classes
Tuscany is the Mecca of gastronomy. The city hosts dozens of cooking classes and tours that expose vacationers on luxury travel to the best food and wine that Italy has to offer. You can select from a one-day basic course to an advanced multi-day course, or even a culinary vacation tour. To get a feel for things, food connoisseurs will indulge in five-course lunches with Chianti wines, or cook under the wing of world-famous Italian chefs. After all, “La Dolce Vita” (The Sweet Life) is part of Italians’ famous recipe.

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