Why you should travel near and far with your children

March 14, 2014 |

Many people are understandably nervous about embarking on international travel with the kids in tow. Traveling can be stressful and tiring for everyone, and it’s often not good to have children miss too much school. However, when you’re planning family vacations, keep in mind that travel can be an incredibly enriching experience for children and will teach them things they never could have learned in the classroom. Here are the top reasons to book global travel with your kids:

Travel can teach them to be flexible, positive and resourceful.

We all know that things don’t always go as planned when we travel, but a positive outlook can make a world of difference. When traveling abroad, your kids will be confronted with new foods, languages and ways of getting around. As parents, you can model for your children the flexibility and enjoyment of trying new things and learning to laugh at the mishaps. This can help them learn to handle challenges and develop a go-with-the-flow mindset when necessary.

They will encounter new languages and cultures.

Oftentimes, though not always, our surroundings are fairly homogenous. Venturing to Spain, Germany or Japan, your children will learn to appreciate different cultures and languages. This will help them realize that the world is diverse and there is a lot to learn from other people. It will also help them to develop empathy in understanding people’s backgrounds.

Your children can start to see the world differently.

International travel can teach kids that the world is a big place ripe for exploring! We all only inhabit a small corner of it, but there’s a lot to learn that can’t always be taught in textbooks in the classroom.