Whether they’re putting together a new line or finalizing the details of a new store opening, managing travel plans is the last thing our fashion clients want to worry about.

Travel and Transport’s deep, real-world experience of managing travel in the fashion sector provides a full suite of creative technology and unparalleled service. From the smartest online booking tools to pre-trip approvals and the management of photo shoots, we provide a one-stop solution custom-tailored to each of our clients’ unique requirements.

With an eye for detail, our fashion and specialty apparel clients are a highly discerning group. Travel and Transport ensures the cost savings they demand while also providing world-class account management and service levels.

Our extensive global experience in the Fashion sector powers our laser-focused benchmarking, sophisticated analytical reports and the ability to design unmatched travel experiences for all our clients’ various travel populations.


Corporate Travel Technology for the Fashion Industry

Travel and Transport’s fashion clients enjoy an unequalled technology toolkit that simplifies and streamlines the management of their global programs allowing them to take advantage of best-in-market solutions and track their travelers in real-time, wherever their travels may take them.

Our user-friendly, customizable client dashboards offer the best online booking tools, Single Sign On capability and maintain travel policies, user profiles and proprietary hotel fashion rates unique to Ultramar. Our extensive presence in the Fashion sector offers our clients unprecedented opportunity for highly focused benchmarking.