Travel arrangements in the legal sector tend to be made with shorter lead-times and experience more changes than other industries. Travel and Transport’s deep expertise managing global business travel for law firms give us a perspective and sensitivity to their needs that is without equal. From complex travel plans for partners and recruitment management to comprehensive reporting, Travel and Transport’s suite of services for the legal community is truly unmatched.

From war rooms to trials to partner retreats and recruiting, our legal clients’ travel needs are unique to their sector.

Our extensive experience with our prestigious legal industry client list provides us with the knowledge and insight that allows us to fully optimize business travel programs for lawyers, empowering them with the absolute leading edge in efficiency, cost savings and high-touch travel experiences.

Business Travel Technology for Law Firms

Our technology expertise provides our legal clients with a competitive edge. Travel and Transport was the first travel management company to develop and implement its proprietary RecruitSync, the industry’s first recruiting tool, providing a graphical user interface to the host law firm for managing applicant recruitment expenses. Some of the main functionalities of this tool include:

  • Automatic upload of candidate travel data – air, car, hotel and ground transportation obtained from our reservation systems
  • Consolidation of all travel and entertainment expenses per applicant
  • Cost allocation to participating law firms
  • Participating law firms- invoice/payment management

Travel and Transport provides historical data of all recruiting related expenses, and provides benchmark data on travel and entertainment recruitment costs among major law firms.

Travel and Transport leverages its technology to deliver the latest analytical techniques to deliver targeted, quick impact and sustainable operational improvements and continually benchmarks against best practices to deliver the highest levels of customer satisfaction.