Customer Support

At Travel and Transport, we provide complete travel management solutions that are built around you and your travel program. The foundation of our industry reputation, built over 72 years, is extraordinary service. Our unique, consultative approach provides our customers with exceptional support that is custom tailored to their specific needs.

Business Travel Account Management

Travel and Transport fully understands the challenges that travel programs face in today’s travel landscape, and we’re passionate about walking alongside you to meet your goals in terms of important factors like traveler safety, cost savings, and policy compliance. We provide an experienced account manager to help you analyze, monitor, and navigate your overall travel program. Our proactive account managers, who average over 13 years of industry experience, provide invaluable hands-on support and expertise, ensuring that your travel program is operating at the highest level.

Travel and Transport’s account managers meet with our clients at least quarterly to determine progress on key program goals and suggest flexible tactics to optimize your travel program, including valuable insight into maximizing vendor relationships. Rather than just focusing on reducing costs, we thoroughly analyze our clients’ programs to look for ways to refine processes, increase efficiency, and implement superior strategies that proactively prevent costs.

Corporate Travel Benchmarking

We believe that it’s particularly valuable to compare the metrics of your company’s travel program with that of companies of similar size and scope, as well as reputable industry benchmarking firms such as Runzheimer and Topaz. Travel and Transport incorporates this detailed, highly relevant benchmarking information into quarterly business reviews, providing answers to questions such as:

  • How does my program’s performance compare with other companies?
  • How do certain departments compare against other departments?
  • Are my program goals being successfully met?
  • What steps should be taken based on my benchmarking results?

Travel Compliance Analysis

Travel and Transport also prioritizes helping our clients refine their travel policies to achieve maximum effectiveness and savings, and we’ve designed aggressive methods to increase traveler compliance. We collaborate with our clients to make sure they benefit from agreed-upon rates as well as opportunities to gain necessary leverage for negotiating with vendors.

Travel compliance information and corporate travel policy best practice informationDownload Travel and Transport’s White Paper: 

Best Practices for Encouraging Travelers to be Compliant




Emergency Services and Duty-of-Care

Unlike many of our competitors, Travel and Transport’s Emergency Service is completely owned by our company and proudly staffed by skillful employee-owners with over a decade of experience. Since we are relentlessly committed to exceptional quality, responsiveness, and accuracy, we never offshore or outsource this vital service. Our reporting systems feature dashboards that help pinpoint your travelers, wherever they may be throughout the world. We partner with a leader in travel risk management and intelligence to bring our clients the latest, most up-to-date information on world emergencies and our in-house command center constantly monitors weather and travel situations to ensure that we are ready to assist travelers 24/7.