Sourcing & Analysis

Travel and Transport is actively committed to reducing the travel program costs of our customers. Our Partner Solutions Group are corporate travel consultants, managing our relationships with airline, car and hotel suppliers and providing consulting services to our customers in each of these important areas. These accomplished analysts will assist you at the local, national and global levels, delivering significant supplier savings through in-depth analysis and negotiation.

The services provided by our Partner Solutions Group are tailored to the particular size, scope, program maturity level, corporate culture and goals of each of our clients. Although our services may vary based on client needs and circumstances, our goal of improving travel program performance, ensuring traveler satisfaction and delivering real, bottom line savings remains consistent.


Travel and Transport’s Partner Solutions Group gives you the tools, expertise and support to effectively manage your air spend. Our air travel experts adopt a comprehensive approach that takes into account numerous factors and variables – from markets and preferred carriers, to ancillary fees, to peer performance and benchmarking – to ensure that your air program is optimized and providing the best savings opportunities possible.


Travel and Transport will work with your company to determine the best savings opportunities on hotels and develop a program that works for your organization. The business travel consultants in our Partner Solutions Group will provide an exhaustive, precise analysis of your company’s current hotel spend and travel patterns, integrating data from multiple agencies and suppliers, as well as company credit card data. The next step is to measure the effectiveness of the current program in terms of usage, compliance and savings. We will work to establish partnerships with hotels and identify areas of potential savings through hotel consolidation and negotiation.

Travel and Transport also offers a comprehensive hotel program featuring discounts and amenities at thousands of hotels worldwide.


Rental car, limousines, chauffeured services and rail are key components of a corporation’s travel spend. Travel and Transport’s ground travel experts work closely with our clients to analyze their current program, looking at all facets of ground transportation and benchmarking key areas against similar programs to determine the best options for your company. Our experts are able to work with you to set goals, provide RFP support, negotiate with suppliers, and finalize contracts in order to ensure program efficiency and cost savings.