Event Success Stories



A construction company with nearly 3,000 employees hired Travel and Transport to source and contract five different destinations for their milestone anniversary events. Travel and Transport negotiated sleeping rooms and meeting space, a welcome reception, upgraded suites for VIPs, and complimentary amenities like Wi-Fi, parking, etc. The total negotiated savings for the five events was a significant savings over what the client paid Travel and Transport to manage the program.

Later, the client requested assistance with menu selections and budgeting as they were having difficulty staying within budget. The Travel and Transport meeting planner contacted the hotels to investigate any possible additional savings on the food and beverage cost, and was able to secure an additional 10% savings.

Obtaining additional concessions or discounts after the contract is fully executed can be a challenge. Due to our relationship with the supplier as well as the exceptional negotiating skills and persistence of the planner, we were able to secure our client additional savings.

Overall, Travel and Transport saved this customer 16% of their total meeting spend enabling them to meet their budget requirements.

SMM – Meeting Cancellation

A fortune 500 client had signed a contract without the assistance of a professional meeting planner. They had a cancellation clause requiring 100% payment of room revenue plus food and beverage cancelling six months out. The event was indeed cancelled, due to a company decision to hold the meetings annually instead of quarterly.  The client was facing cancellation damages of approximately $41,000. The client contacted Travel and Transport requesting our assistance to try and reduce these charges.

The Strategic Meetings Manager contacted the hotel with history of spend and asked that the cancellation damages be reduced and calculated on profit, not revenue. Also, the food and beverage damages were asked to be removed as the hotel had not yet purchased food for this particular event.

The hotel agreed to reduce the damages by over 30% which saved the company close to $13,000. Travel and Transport was also able to negotiate the damages paid to be credited to a future program which was booked for the following spring. All of the $29,000 paid was credited to the new meeting.

The final cost savings and cost avoidance totaled the cancellation amount of $41,000 that was originally due in the cancelled agreement.

Onsite Assistance

Travel and Transport provides group air support for a national provider of wireless voice, messaging, and data services.  Several members of the Travel and Transport team provided on-site assistance throughout a series of their roadshows.

The meetings in New York City and Washington D.C. were scheduled during the timeframe that Hurricane Sandy was predicted to hit the East Coast. The event staff was on-site in New York preparing for the meeting when the client cancelled the event due to the impending storm and it was to be rescheduled for the following week. The Travel and Transport staff, along with the other event staff went to Washington D.C. for the next event. Again, due to Hurricane Sandy, this meeting was postponed for several days.

These postponements meant that air and train reservations for several hundred people had to be rebooked. Due to the quick turn-around time, there was limited availability on flights for the following week. Travel and Transport worked around the clock to secure reservations in a timely fashion and distribute new itineraries to the attendees.

The client was very grateful to have our team on-site. We received several compliments on how professional, hard-working and proactive our team was. One stated, “I couldn’t believe it, we had a dinner scheduled for all the staff on-site, and your team brought their laptops so they could assist other staff members with their re-accommodations. They were amazing!”