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Thomas Chermack

Thomas Chermack

Chief Innovation Officer

During Thomas’ twenty year tenure at Travel and Transport Ultramar, he has been a driving force behind the company’s ability to surround every client with “smartest” technology, intelligently employed to create an unparalleled travel experience. With his team, Thomas excels at building technology solutions and infrastructure that support all of Travel and Transport Ultramar’s prestigious clients while enabling the company to grow rapidly and efficiently.

On a daily basis, Thomas enjoys having the opportunity to adapt Travel and Transport Ultramar’s cutting edge technologies and customizing them to meet each client’s unique needs–all within industry specific requirements. He also thrives on solving customer challenges with innovative ideas, technologies and processes that get Travel and Transport Ultramar’s clients results in timeframes that exceed their expectations.

You can find Thomas sitting on the Sabre advisory council, commenting on current and future functionality and examining what the market is looking for, how technology is used and how these factors converge.

Thomas’ work as a studio musician for 12 years and subsequent interest in music composition software led him into the technology field. This interest, paired with over eight years as a travel counselor at Liberty Travel, gave him the skills and vision to improve the traveler experience through better technology.

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