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Keeping your people safe and prepared has never been more important. Here’s how we support you across the whole journey, from planning and booking to returning home.

The tools you need Today

Now that we’re living with COVID-19, it’s time for travel technology that helps you be proactive and plan ahead for when travel returns. 

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Track the Global outbreak

See who's traveling and where with easy to use maps displaying COVID-19 updates and the travel impact in Swift Data

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Show the way

Provide travelers with trip-specific detail on travel restrictions, potential quarantine lengths and local health requirements using COVID Journey Prep

Don't waste Unused tickets

We get it, travel plans change. Store, reassign and report on unused non-refundable airline tickets with Banx

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Communicate in a crisis

Contact your travelers direct from inside Swift Data via email or push message when the situation changes

Kevin O'Malley - Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Kevin O’Malley 
Chairman and CEO

"It's time for a new type of travel management company. We're excited to lead the way with end-to-end journey management."

The answers

lady reading book iconWe provide country health and safety ratings to help you make informed decisions about where to travel. 

T&T Journey Prep will give you detailed information about your destination, including COVID-19 quarantines, social distancing restrictions, security warnings, local events and disruptions that may affect your trip and passport, visa and other entry requirement restrictions. 

When a situation changes, we alert travel managers and other nominated personnel if a traveler is due to travel to or already located in a location that’s become high risk for any reason. 

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We mold your approval settings and pre-booking checks to your policy, which can be adapted by outbound location, destination, traveler grouping, route, supplier and more. 

We’re adding new information to provide you guidance ahead of your trip in-between booking and travel, so you know up the last minute if it’s the right decision to travel or not. 

Read more about how we’re adapting pre-trip approvals here.

Once you’ve booked your trip, it’s important to know that the situation can change overnight. What might be a short meeting with a client could turn into four weeks of quarantining or being stuck in your destination. 

To help our customers know if it still makes sense to travel right up to the moment they get on the plane, we send updates directly to them whenever something changes with a destination and/or transit point that they are scheduled to travel to, or through.

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We provide guidance on hygiene and PPE requirements for airlines, hotels and car rental companies with our T&T Journey Brief 48 hours before departure so you know what to expect upon arrival at the airport and your destination.

We can tell you how full the plane is and where there’s a free seat not sat next to somebody else. For some of our customers who choose to do so, we’re even booking that middle seat for them if the airline isn’t automatically blocking it off. 

Our T&T Journey Verification includes a direct call to the hotel to confirm it’s still open 24 hours prior to departure and also if the restaurant is open so you can be sure of a hot meal without having to venture out or order food to be delivered.

Compare Alerts with underlying health, Security AND SAFETY Risks

Health and Medical Data for Business TravelDuty of Care Alerts for Business Travel

How to keep your travelers

Examine the risks, decide if it's safe

Find out what travel restrictions apply to a destination before you book travel, using our new Journey Prep travel planning tool, saving you time and potentially thousands in wasted travel costs. 

Instant Alerts When You Need Them

Bolt Alerts sends you alerts that directly affect your travelers, 24/7, 365 days of the year. 

Our alerts cover terrorist attacks, disease outbreaks, airport incidents, severe weather impacts and much more. They’re powered by data from WorldAware, the world’s leading traveler risk management provider. 

We’ll only send you the alerts that affect your travelers on the road or due to travel. We also send alerts directly to your travelers via email and through our app, Dash Mobile. 

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Integrate 3rd Party Medical Support

We store your organization’s medical and risk partner details in Leap Advisor, so we can immediately put your traveler through to the right person if they fall sick while traveling or need urgent medical assistance. 

SWITCH TO JOURNEY MANAGEMENT AND Upgrade your traveler safety and security today

Prepare Your People For Travel in 2020

The most consistent factor in the current travel experience is inconsistency, so our Journey Brief page offers the best tips available for all travelers.

Regardless of the airline or accommodation they are using, there are some basic steps that all travelers can take to keep themselves and those around them safe. 

We include packing advice for items like masks, hand sanitizer and PPE, which can be customized to your company. 

Duty of Care Alerts for Business Travel

Health and Medical Data for Business Travel

Security Data for Business Travel Duty of Care

LGBTQ+ Risk Data for Business Travel Duty of Care

Data to Drive Decisions

Swift Data is designed so you know where your people are going, who’s traveling today, tomorrow and beyond with the restrictions and risks your people are facing so you can make informed decisions for them and your company.

Airline and hotel COVID-19 measures

Share the latest updates from your preferred airlines and hotel partners to reassure travelers how they’re keeping passengers and guests safe. 

Mobile duty of care alerts

Reach your travelers instantly with alerts provided by our Global Command Center directly to their phone via email and Dash Mobile.

Experts on hand every step of the way

Our travel industry veterans use Leap Advisor, our proprietary traveler relationship management product to know where your people are going and what COVID-19 restrictions they’ll face so they can brief your travelers before they book. 

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Experts on your side

Travel safe. Travel smart.

Keeping your travelers safe and having all the facts on the risks they face has never been more important. We’re here to give you the tools and confidence to manage travel across the entire journey today and beyond.