Leap Advisor, our traveler CRM helps the world’s best travel teams deliver truly personal business travel service, from your first booking to the hundredth and beyond.


All the things you want us to know

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who You Are

We instantly know the traveler name, phone number, passport details, visas and your appointed medical or risk support service

Your travel policy

We know what you can book, what you can’t, and everything in between

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what you'll choose

Past behavior beats profile preferences any day. We’re always one step ahead

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what's gone wrong

Travel can get bumpy, that’s why we alert our team when your plans are disrupted

Remarkably useful Traveler Intelligence

Leap Advisor is your travel team’s intelligent CRM assistant. By recommending options that fit your business traveler’s actual booking behavior and policies we get them what they want, within your requirements, in record time.

Booking travel should feel like calling an old friend

Thanks to Leap Advisor, our teams know who’s calling, where you’re going, any disruption you’re facing and what you’ve booked in the past. We also know your meal preferences, but unlike that old friend, we won’t judge you for ordering the in-flight ice cream sundae.

“To get unsolicited positive feedback about the level of service you are providing speaks volumes”

Kathy Christel,
VP Indirect Procurement, US. Foods

It’s never about just the technology

We choose to empower our people to do more rather than automate our greatest strength. Leap Advisor is a giant leap forward for our customers thanks to the practical application of machine learning, but it’s our people who make our service responsive rather than robotic.

our people who make service responsive rather than robotic.

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